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Varicose Veins

patient fees & options For Varicose Vein Treatment, Spider Veins, or PRP

We require payment for treatment at the time of service, and accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We value our patient’s time and understand the importance of being up-front about every aspect of treatment from day one. Our pricing system offers complete transparency, with no hidden charges. We also offer packages and payment plans. Depending on the patient's condition, treatment may be covered by insurance.  



Patients may require multiple treatments to achieve the desire cosmetic results and will have to schedule several appointments. Given the necessity of additional treatments, we offer packages of multiple treatments at a discounted price. These packages do not expire and can be upgraded at any point. Packages are very useful for patients on an intensive program as well as patients with extensive vein presentation or patients who are "slow healers."



Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage varies according to a patient’s carrier and medical diagnosis. Treatment of a cosmetic nature is not covered by any insurance company.


For more invasive and extensive procedures, such as Endovenous, Mini-Phlebectomy, etc., The Clear Vein Center will try to work with your insurance company to obtain total or partial payment for your procedure. If that is not possible, we'll get pre-approval and help negotiate on your behalf with your insurance carrier for you to get reimbursed. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted.  







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