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All patients receive a 30-45 minute complimentary educational visit at the Clear Vein Center. This initial meeting provides us with the information we need to develop customized treatment plans for each patient.


After the educational session, patients may proceed with their first painless sclerotherapy treatment. Downtime is not required, and you can resume all daily activities immediately following treatment.


For EVLT & mini-phlebectomy, patients will require separate appointments.


For those who are traveling from out of town, the Vein Treatment Center can easily arrange email consultations prior to the first meeting & treatment.

What to expect at your initial consultation

The Clear Vein Center develops individualized treatment plans for each patient, based on their needs and vein issues. Our goal is to achieve the best cosmetic results while maintaining comfort before, during and after treatment.


During your time with us, you will undergo a focused leg history and physical examination. Your varicose and/or spider veins will be closely examined, and digital photographs will be taken so we can track your progress.


Diagnostic testing is all performed at the office, it is non-invasive and painless. A Venous Doppler test enables the vein specialist to listen to the direction of blood flow and determine the location of the leaky vein valves. For larger varicose veins and for underlying vein problems, you will need further diagnostic testing, such as Color Duplex Ultrasound, which enables us to visually see any deeper faulty vein valves. Once the consultation is complete, a diagnosis is made and a detailed treatment plan is discussed.


Depending on the extent of your condition and your desired level of cosmetic results, the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins can vary from the most conservative measures to more aggressive treatment methods.


Like fingerprints, no two people have the same vein layout and healing time varies greatly from patient to patient. Our medical team works with each patient’s unique venous problem to develop an efficient treatment plan.


We can perform a painless sclerotherapy treatment or begin the intensive treatment program directly after your Initial Consultation Visit. For other treatment options, treatments will resume at your next appointment.


Clear Vein Center now offers Teleconsults. Please contact us for additional details and next steps.

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