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Venacure EVLT

VenaCure EVLT endovenous laser vein treatment offers a proven, minimally-invasive choice for treating the source of varicose veins, providing patients with immediate recovery and a return to normal daily routines.

The new NeverTouch® gold-tip laser fiber, an integral part of AngioDynamics’ advanced varicose vein treatment, establishes a new standard for patient comfort, visibility and ease of use.

The proprietary technology maximizes tip visibility under ultrasound and eliminates chances of inadvertent fiber tip contact with the vein wall, further improving safety and patient comfort. This results in little to no patient discomfort and little to no bruising. 

How is Venacure EVLT different?

An unmatched history of success

  • The VenaCure EVLT system stands out from the competition with more than a decade of proven performance, backed by numerous studies and more than 1.5 million procedures performed worldwide.

  • Endovenous laser ablation has a proven closure rate of 98%.

Widest range of treatable veins

  • VenaCure EVLT can be used to treat the full range of varicose veins, including large veins not treatable with non-thermal solutions.

  • While other solutions must touch the vein wall to deliver treatment— increasing the risk of burns and other complications— the proprietary covered-tip fiber Clear Vein Center uses projects energy to the vein walls without touching them, minimizing any discomfort and bruising. 

"Give your Varicose Veins the treatment they deserve"

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